Oriental Lily - the magic of photo stacking - Nick Delany Photography
Oriental Lily


Macro photography is far more complex to execute than anything else I have tried to master in photography. One of the challenges is the ability to obtain crisp focus across the subject from front to back with a macro lens, A macro lens delivers a 1:1 size ratio of the subject but with a shallow depth of field. Therefore you find only a small portion of the image will be in focus from the front to back perspective.

So the methodology calls for you to take multiple images and then use a processing software to consolidate them into a single image.


This is an Oriental Lily photographed using photo stacking techniques to make sure the entire lily from from to back is in sharp focus. This image is from a merge of 20 individual images taken from the same position but with different focal depths.


Cameras : Nikon D850 FX Lens : AF-S Nikkor 110mm f/2.8G ED Settings : ISO 400 110mm f/8 1/50 Image : 20 x individual photos stacked and merged