Bluejays in the Garden - Nick Delany Photography

At home in the NorthWest of the USA, we are fortunate to be situated very close to a natural conservation area called Salmon Creek that is home to a huge variety of wildlife. We have an opportunity to watch the large predator birds like the Bald Eagle come floating directly across our property.

We are creating a garden designed to attract small birds like humming birds, robins and bluejays.  The project pictured on the right consists of bubbling fountains and a variety of colorful flowers set to bloom in the next 30 days.

Our current favorite visitors are two pairs of Steller Jays that enjoy the bird feeder and particularly the fountain.

Steller Jays...the North American Bluejays

The Steller's Jay (Cyanocitta stelleri) is the western North-American counterpart of the Blue Jay, but the Steller's is easily distinguishable from the Blue Jay by its dark, gray-black head and upper back, and its deep indigo-blue wings and tail lacking the white spots of the Blue Jay. The Steller's Jay is a typical loud, aggressive, omnivorous member of the "corvid" family that includes crows and magpies.

This is my favorite photo so far of a Stellar Jay bathing in the fountain. The water droplets are still visible on his feathers and the water and rocks provide a great background

Steller Jay Bathing